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Vehicle opening

Keys locked in the vehicle?

as specialist locksmiths we can open you vehicle without causing damage


Lost, Stolen Keys

If you have either Lost all your keys or had them stolen

We can make keys to you existing locks or fit a complete new lockset to your vehicle without the need to move it *

*Immobilizer/ security code may be required for programming at additional cost

Broken or Worn Keys

Key broken in the lock?

We can extract broken keys from the lock and cut a replacement key using computer controlled cutting machines on site*

Key in two halves?


Copying a broken key is difficult and not accurate we can cut a replacement key using computer controlled cutting machines on site*
If your key will no longer turn your locks smoothly it may just be worn, having this key copied will not resolve the problem as ware will also be copied

We can cut a new key to original specifications on site*
*Minimum charges apply

Vandalised, sized or worn locks

Vandalised locks


Should a lock be damaged or fail due to ware we can supply* and fit a lock that will match your original key.

Seized Door locks

Sized locks are becoming more of a problem trough lack of use as more vehicles use remote control locking in most cases the lock can be repaired without replacement.


Sized ignition barrels

The ignition barrel is the most used lock in the vehicle and most likely to fail, should it become worn or sized we can in most cases remove it without the need to replace surrounding parts, replace* the barrel and get you on your way

All new parts supplied by A & T Autolocks carry a one year guarantee

Spare keys

Getting a spare key can be both time consuming and confusing.

We carry a large number of key blanks including transponder, should we not stock the key required we can, in most cases get it for you*

Using accurate computer controlled cutting machines we can either cut to key number should you have it or de-coded and cut to original specifications and where possible a key number will be supplied for future reference.

This can be done at you home or place of work for conveyance

*documentation required prior to ordering.

* Immobilizer/ security code may be required for programming at additional cost

Transponder key/ remote control programming

What is a Transponder Key?

Transponder technology has been around since 1994, a small electronic chip is embedded in the head of the key: as the key is turned a signal is send from the vehicle control system to the key and a reply is sent back, all this in less than a second without you knowing

Keys that you had previously used to start your vehicle would have already been programmed however all additional or replacement keys require matching to the vehicle management system

Our service

using the latest equipment available to the locksmith industry we can program a number of manufactures systems to accept replacement or additional keys/ remotes. To Insurance Standards

Security / Immobiliser codes:

Some manufactures provide security information with the vehicle from new, some vehicles do not require an immobiliser/ security code, but should you not have it, in most cases we can obtain the code for you at additional cost

If you have ordered and purchased a key yourself from a main dealer we can program it for you at you conveyance

In most cases replacement original equipment (OEM) remote controls also require programming to the vehicle with specialist equipment

Id and Proof of ownership is required due to the security issues involved with gaining access to any vehicles or lost key requests.

All Major Credit Cards accepted :



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