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Terms & Conditions

These "Terms and Conditions" do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

Items listed below are specific to A & T Autolocks.


Retail customers:
All retail and non-account work shall be paid for in full on completion of any work completed

All parts supplied shall remain the property of A & T Autolocks until payment has been received in full

Account customers:

All accounts shall be settled within 30 days of invoice date in the event that payment has not been received within 30 days the account be placed on stop until full payment of monies owed is received.

All parts supplied shall remain the property of A & T Autolocks until payment has been received in full.

Contract between A & T Autolocks and the Customer:

Payment of completed work or provision of an order no shall be deemed as acceptance that work has been requested and completed to a satisfactory standard. Therefore right of cancellation after the event is surrendered.


We pride ourselves in our service and workmanship however; should you have a complaint about our service or any goods supplied by A & T Autolocks, please contact us immediately. You will be contacted as soon as possible and we aim to provide a resolution within 5 working days.

All complaints will be dealt with in a fair and confidential manner.

Warranty and Liability:

All warranted parts are covered for one calendar year (unless stated differently on invoice/ receipt), claims will only be considered on production of original invoice/ receipt supplied at time of purchase.

No second hand parts supplied carry a warranty and will be stated as such on the invoice/ receipt or delivery note.

A & T Autolocks reserve the right to examine any faulty parts prior to removal from the vehicle prior to any claim.

Should the vehicle be out of our operating area, A & T Autolocks reserve the right to use an authorised sub-contractor to inspect the vehicle prior to any claim

Should the claim be valid A & T Autolocks will cover the cost of the replacement part and labour only (to the value of original invoice), should you the customer have the vehicle recovered it will be deemed to be a customer decision and no costs will be covered by A & T Autolocks.

Should the part be removed or replaced by a third party the faulty part should only be returned to A & T Autolocks for examination after contact and approval to do so, should the claim be accepted A & T Autolocks will only replace or reimburse the amount of the originally replaced components and labour cost (to the value of original invoice), no other surrounding parts removed or additional labour cost by the third party would covered by this warranty.

Any replacement parts replaced as part of a warranty claim within the warranted period, the original part warranty expiry date will apply.

Should a supplied part be covered be a manufacture warranty then A & T Autolocks should be contacted in the first instance, initial arrangements or confirmation of warranty will be made on your behalf, if this is the case then the terms of said third party warranty will apply onwards.


Keys that have been supplied by A & T Autolocks carry a limited warranty. Should the key including the transponder show signs of abuse or unreasonable stress upon inspection then no claim will be considered. 

Key Programming:

If stated on the invoice that all keys have been cleared from the system then this can only be considered accurate if all keys and Transponder chips are new at the time of programming, if an existing key or Transponder chip is reprogrammed then A & T Autolocks cannot be responsible for cloned keys that have been copied from original or previous keys

Worn Locks:

Were new keys are supplied cut to original specification A & T Autolocks cannot be responsible for locks that are worn and do not operate correctly

No warranty is given to any parts that have been supplied by the customer.


Labour carries a 12 month warranty should a fitted part on any removed item from the vehicle become loose. The customer must satisfy themselves that the work has been completed to a satisfactory standard prior to making payment. Damage to any panel or trim will not be considered once A & T Autolocks leave the location of the vehicle. 

Force Majeure:

No liability shall attach to A & T Autolocks should they be unable to perform its obligations under these Terms & Conditions due to events or circumstances beyond its reasonable control, such as but not limited to: Act of God including tempest, fire, or natural disaster, War, civil war, sabotage or act of terrorism, Government sanction, embargo, import or export regulation or order; Labour disputes, including strikes, lockouts, boycotts or other industrial action, Failure in the transportation of equipment, machinery or personnel or in the provision of any utility including power, gas, water, or communication services. Should A & T Autolocks be affected by such events or circumstances we shall advise the other party as soon as practicable of the same and when such events or circumstances no longer prevail.  If such events or circumstances render performance of under these Terms & Conditions impossible, A & T Autolocks may terminate any claim.


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